About Doggie T-Shirts

  • We like dogs.

    Big dogs, little dogs, red dogs, yellow dogs…whatever kind of dog, we like them all (unless they bite us. And have rabies. Then, we like them less.)

    We like dogs so much that two Jack Russell Terriers (and now a Boxer) sit on our board of directors (we’d get them working in our shipping department as well but their envelope-stuffing skills are sub- par.)

    This website was started in order to offer the discerning dog owner a wide variety of quality dog wear that is not only functional but also stylish. We are continually scouring the market for new, unique apparel that will be added to the site as we grow.

    You, our customers, are terribly important to us and we encourage you to provide feedback, suggestions and ideas for new products that we should carry.

    Of course, we also love pictures of dogs wearing our clothing and appreciate any submissions for our photo album.

    Look around, we think you're gonna find just what you were looking for, and then some other goodies! If your pet could shop online, www.doggietshirts.com would be in his/her Favorites! Come back often, as we like to keep on bringing in new products.
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